According to the Annual Status of Education Report, only 43.9% of Standard 8 students could carry out division and only 72.8% of them could read Standard 2 level literature in rural public schools.Considering this, technology might be the most effective way to improve schools. While easy access to technology resources is critical for a digital school, it is not enough. Simply providing laptops or computers for usage has no positive outcome on learning. Therefore, it is important for technology to be integrated into the pedagogical methods as it has shown to improve average grades and learning outcomes.One of the most popular models for integration is the Substitution-Augmentation-Modification-Redefinition (SAMR) model. The first stage is the replacement of manual practices with information and communication technologies (ICT) based ones such as usage of projectors instead of traditional chalkboards. Second stage involves substitution but with functional improvements. This includes usage of word processors with spell checkers and using search engines. The third stage is the significant re-designing of tasks. An example would be the usage of Google Classroom as a paperless way to create, distribute and grade assignments. The last stage is the creation of new tasks that would be inconceivable without the use of ICT. These include simulations, games, open education resources and online tutoring systems.Set up in 1990, ORF seeks to lead and aid policy thinking towards building a strong and prosperous India in a fair and equitable world. It helps discover and inform India’s choices, and carries Indian voices and ideas to forums shaping global debates. ORF provides non-partisan, independent analyses and inputs on matters of security, strategy, economy, development, energy, resources and global governance to diverse decision-makers (governments, business communities, academia, civil society). ORF’s mandate is to conduct in-depth research, provide inclusive platforms and invest in tomorrow’s thought leaders today.

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