Hello my name is George. I have been a freelance writer for over 20 years, beginning my career at Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster book publishers.  I’ve written advertising copy, branding lines, product descriptions, website copy, resumes, short articles, and Q&A interviews with well-known personalities such as Shania Twain and Quincy Jones. I’ve also self-published a book of original poems and short stories.

I can help you with your –

website copy
sales or promotional copy
paper (proofing and editing for grammar, syntax and punctuation only. I do NOT write student papers and WILL NOT help you cheat)
book or article editing and proofing

If you have a writing need you don’t see listed above please ask and I’ll let you know if I’m qualified to help. I hold a B.A. in Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University. My rate is generally $20 pr. hour for proofing, $24 pr. hour for writing, or a mutually agreed flat rate depending on your project and what makes sense. I will always try to work with your budget and find the price that meets both our needs!

I can provide references for you to contact. Recently completed projects include tequila and software websites, resumes, college paper proofing, and book editing.

I live in South Beach and I like to meet in person at the library on 23rd st, or a Starbucks; or, I can meet you in Miami. The point is to secure a mutual trust and good intention on both sides.

My resume is available upon your request. I’m also happy to reply with the email and (when possible) phone number of former clients for reference. Hope to work with you!

305 209 5149

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